Dbol Steroid

A Brief History of the Dbol Steroid

Dbol For SaleDbol (Dianabol) is one of the most popular anabolic steroids of all time, and athletes around the world use it to boost gains, increase their strength, and provide stamina.

Below, you can find a brief history of the Dianabol steroid in a simple timeline format to help you understand just how this steroid came to be so popular.


Before you can truly appreciate the development of Dbol, it is first important to understand a bit about the history of testosterone. Testosterone is a predominantly male hormone that plays a vital role in growth and masculinity. It is responsible for the growth of muscles, sexual and reproductive health, libido, and even strength, to a degree. Since the late 1800s, scientists have extracted testosterone from the testicles of animals and included it in elixirs designed to boost sexual performance and energy. Little did these scientists know that their elixirs would develop into what is now one of the most controversial products in the world – anabolic steroids.

A Doctor’s Suspicion

During the 1952 Olympics, a Maryland doctor by the name of John Bosley Ziegler noted that the Russian team’s performances were staggeringly better than other countries’ were. Dr. Ziegler was familiar with testosterone, and he was aware that it had the potential to increase strength in athletes. According to historians and documentation, Ziegler collaborated with a group of Swiss scientists regarding testosterone after the Soviet coach supposedly admitted to dosing his wrestling team. Thus began the American quest to best the Russians with the help of pharmaceuticals.

Teaming Up with Switzerland’s CIBA

Ziegler and CIBA worked together to create a product that would surpass the testosterone used by the Soviet Union, and in 1958, the succeeded. They developed methandrostenolone and distributed it to American members of the Olympic weightlifting team. When these athletes performed better than ever before, both Ziegler and CIBA knew that they had an amazing product on their hands. They called their product Dianabol and marketed it to the public shortly thereafter.

Dosing the Athletes

Now that Dbol was widely available, more and more athletes began using it to improve their overall performance, and this use spread far beyond the Olympic Games. American football and baseball players dabbled with Dianabol, and they found that they were able to perform much better than before. Later, other countries in the Olympics discovered the power behind the steroid, and they, too, began to dose themselves with it. Of course, over time, some athletes became sick and others died as a result.

The Downward Spiral

Following Dianabol’s rise in popularity, the International Olympic Committee forbade its use in Olympic athletes in 1975; they performed widespread testing for steroids for the first time in 1978. Thus marked the downfall of steroids in the Olympics and in professional sports in the United States. What’s more, in 1998, President Ronald Reagan signed the Drug Abuse Act, which outlawed the recreational use of Dianabol. Finally, the US Congress added it to the list of controlled substances in 1990, and since then, possessing, selling, and using Dianabol is a crime.

Although Dbol is technically illegal in the United States, there are still people who use it religiously to achieve their outstanding gains. Finding it these days can be a bit problematic, but it is one of the most potent and affordable steroids available today.

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